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Re: local rabbits' name

 Chris sez:
>i've gotten 3 different answers so far as to the origin ;) one was the
>inside of a jethro tull album, sizzleteen wont tell me, and u say this
>now... i wouldn't be surprised if yours was right nthough
>they don't like their name? i'd have changed it by now for sure
>otherwise    you'll be stuck with it. ah well.
    AHA.  I have found the source, and unless my Impact magazine from a
while back is lying through its teeth (which it wouldn't be, right?), a
small article on the rabbits' says:  "We get a lot of slack about the name,"
admits drumer Big Brown Brian Waters, "but it was just something
(bassist)Johnny T had written on a binder."   So :P  it exists somewhere...