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et list, et split single, and request

no offense meant, but here's some instructions to keep the non sloan net
content down and to help make our listmanagerboy happy again.

to discuss your favorite ontario/winnipeg/rest of canada except the east
coast bands EXCLUSIVELY, or to post questions about gigs in toronto, etc.
please check out the following:
Mitch Hastings          email : hastinga\!/tuns.ca
                        WWW   : http://www.tuns.ca/~hastinga
                        finger: hastinga\!/newton.ccs.tuns.ca

ET_etc is a discussion group, which I manage, of independent Canadian bands
and also the band Eric's Trip. If you wish to subscribe to this list send e-mail
to majordomo\!/bronze.interlog.com with the message
subscribe ET_etc your-email_address and to post to the group send e-mail to


so get with the program, eh?

i heard that new eric's trip split 7'' today. their song Pillow(red) is
quite nice and reminds me of a quieter version of the live track on the
road south 7'' from a few months back. it's pretty but the weird bits are
still there. i didn't have time to listen to the other side...

ps/ for anyone who works at a c/c station and knows of the state champs
charting at their station, can you please get in touch with me? thanks.