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Re: CD prices(errr)

Mike Pasquale writes:

> That's a very interesting idea, if this were the 60's then it'd probably 
> happen, but it's not, most of these stores sell their indie rauch at 
> ludicrous prices because they know the averge suburban kid *will* pay. 
> I'd love to organize a sort of corporate control awareness protest group 
> to get the message out that it's insane the prices we are paying...

HMV defiantely needs to be picketed, I mean $30 for a Sebadoh doemstic 
CD, get real. I know for fact that is over 100% mark up since a store 
across the street sells other Sub Pop CDs for under $15. If anyone in 
Winnipeg would be intersted in setting up a picket at one of the local 
HMVs let me know...

> Agreed, if you can force the bigger guys to lower their prices then that 
> will releive the little guys (the guys who sell the good shit) and allow 
> them to drop their prices, i mean paying 5 bucks for a 7" is ludicrous 

actaully it costs pretty damm clsoe to $5 Canadian to manafacuter 7" so 
it is not that unreasonable a price, for example Matador and Sub Pop both 
sell 7" for $3.75 US, Sappy seels then for $5 Canadian, etc.

> and all but they have no other choice... HMV and all major music chains 
> make bags of money by exploiting it's customers, but you can't blame 
> them. In the end the consumer is the one who purchased without 
> questionning, so the blame can be shared by both.

agreed there. I hardly ever buy stuff at local chains anymore, about the 
only thing I buy anymore is the odd 7" since it ends up being about the 
same as doing mail-order. Oddly enough in Dec. HMV opended a new store 
and was bragging to all the media how it was the largest music store (by 
floor space) in west Canada, etc. Went there went it opened and asked 
them to direct me to their 7" section and the clerks looked dumbfuned as 
the almost always do and said they don't carrry 7". Go figure...

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