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Re: CD prices(errr)

> so why don't y'all *do* something about it.  Fight it.  Raise a stink. 
> Boycott. Petition.  Annoy music store owners.  y'know, "talk hard". 
> (woowoo, Pump Up the VOlume all the way!)

That's a very interesting idea, if this were the 60's then it'd probably 
happen, but it's not, most of these stores sell their indie rauch at 
ludicrous prices because they know the averge suburban kid *will* pay. 
I'd love to organize a sort of corporate control awareness protest group 
to get the message out that it's insane the prices we are paying...

So what do you all say! Let's get our lazy asses away from the TV and the 
terminal screen and get involved! 

Actually if anyone lives in Montreal or wants to come down, we could 
maybe get a group of people together and go down to the big guys like HMV 
and walk around with porotest signs one sunny saturday afternoon! 
We could have a big old GT/barbeque at my appartment and then march all 
the way down sherbrooke! Just email me at peyote\!/vir.com  if ya'll are game.
> It worked with cigarette prices (not really an accurate analogy, but work 
> with me on this one...), so we can make it work in the music industry as 
> well.  There are a hell of a lot of us, even on Sloan Net alone that 
> could do something about it.   

All it takes is a spark...
> BUT, i urge you to remember that it is *not* the record label people or the 
> musicians that are at fault here, and they should in *no* way suffer.  In 
> fact, if a movement were to occur, they may benefit if we only purchase 
> directly from them.  It is a sticky situation though,  because it is 
> through the major music stores that these bands get part of their 
> exposure.  Wow, i guess HMV really knows how to play it, now that i'm 
> thinking this through.  The only other alternative i have is to start 
> your own music stores that promote honest prices and especially promotes 
> canadian rawk.  young entrepreneurs is what this world needs.  besides, 
> it's not that hard to start your own business. look into it.  any ohter 
> suggestions on battling outrageous music prices?

Agreed, if you can force the bigger guys to lower their prices then that 
will releive the little guys (the guys who sell the good shit) and allow 
them to drop their prices, i mean paying 5 bucks for a 7" is ludicrous 
and all but they have no other choice... HMV and all major music chains 
make bags of money by exploiting it's customers, but you can't blame 
them. In the end the consumer is the one who purchased without 
questionning, so the blame can be shared by both.
> *****My appologies to anyone that gets pissed off at this post due to 
> lack of east coast content. however, i feel it is important, and hope you 
> do too!*******

It is a very important issue that should be discussed on any music 
related mailing list, actually this brings to mind a good idea... would 
anyone be in support of a mailing list being setup to address this very 
topic? I mean, I work at an ISP so I guess I could try and set one up...


"Today's power uses as its primary justification for doing wrong the 
knowledge by its experts. They know, therefore, that they must do 
whatever is necessary. This is how hospitals are closed or public 
education is squeezed or taxes shifted from those who have to those who 
have less. Knowledge is more effectively used today to justify wrong than 
to prevent it. 
"This raises an important question about the role of freedom of speech. 
We have a great a great deal of it. But it has little practical effect on 
reality, then it is not really freedom of speech. Without utility, speech 
is just decorative."

John Ralston Saul   "The unconscious civilization"