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Re: CD prices(errr)

> >Is anyone else sick of having to pay $20 to $25 buck for CD's?  I just 
> >went to buy Kombinator, and it was selling for $19.99.  This was the sale 
> >price!  The regular price was some where along the lines of $22.50.
> >I understand that stores and record companies have to make a profit, but, 
> >25 buck for a fucking CD is a bit much.
> >
> >
muchos people seem to be responding to this.  i didn't know prices were 
getting that bad because i don't have to pay for mine anymore :P

so why don't y'all *do* something about it.  Fight it.  Raise a stink. 
Boycott. Petition.  Annoy music store owners.  y'know, "talk hard". 
(woowoo, Pump Up the VOlume all the way!)
It worked with cigarette prices (not really an accurate analogy, but work 
with me on this one...), so we can make it work in the music industry as 
well.  There are a hell of a lot of us, even on Sloan Net alone that 
could do something about it.   

BUT, i urge you to remember that it is *not* the record label people or the 
musicians that are at fault here, and they should in *no* way suffer.  In 
fact, if a movement were to occur, they may benefit if we only purchase 
directly from them.  It is a sticky situation though,  because it is 
through the major music stores that these bands get part of their 
exposure.  Wow, i guess HMV really knows how to play it, now that i'm 
thinking this through.  The only other alternative i have is to start 
your own music stores that promote honest prices and especially promotes 
canadian rawk.  young entrepreneurs is what this world needs.  besides, 
it's not that hard to start your own business. look into it.  any ohter 
suggestions on battling outrageous music prices?

*****My appologies to anyone that gets pissed off at this post due to 
lack of east coast content. however, i feel it is important, and hope you 
do too!*******
Debbra Lyn McClintock