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Re: NO! (no.) Records?

>ps My name is Mike Clive (or at least, it will be at the Rivoli show this
> >Saturday. Look for me there...)
> WHy the hell would anyone want their name to be mike clive...just a thought
i'm terribly sorry, but i *really* have to laugh at that one.  i saw Mike 
on Thursday and he still couldn't figure out how to work his computer, so 
he might not be on-line yet.  but he's working on it, and as soon as he 
does, LOok out Sloan Net!
Hmmmm, why *would* anyone want their name to....nah, better not get into 
that one.  
HOwevEr, any input as to the Rivoli on Saturday?  I was the photographer 
at the night show, and rather enjoyed myself.  e- me personally if you 
were there and we can discuss it!

Debbra Lyn McClintock