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on a local tip

 > At 08:12 PM 4/1/96 -0500, you wrote:
 > >1)  Has there been any discussion here of how the Local Rabbits got
 > >their name? or does anyone care?
 >   GAWD Chris, you *know* we could all care less ;).  I heard somewhere (and
 > everyone flame me if I'm wrong, b/c I have no idea where this comes from -
 > maybe it was a dream) that the band actually thinks it's a really dumb name,
 > and one of 'em had just scrawled 'local rabbits' on their binder one day and
 > then they decided to use it... exciting, no?
 >                               not your best source,
 Nononono, that's not how it goes! :-)
 They got it from a Jethro Tull album, on the inside cover of one of their 
 album's there's supposedely some huge picture of a rabbit with the words 
 'the local rabbit' under it. Ben and Ryan thought it was cool, and midway 
 through grade 10 we had the local rabbits!