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East Ontario Content.

        Okay, Here's the deal. Au-Go-Go records, Cool little Australian
label, have put out a new compilation called "On Guard for Thee".(
Subtitle: 'Canada's Youth Gone Wrong') It features a mixed bag of CanCon.
Some Good (Pluto, Punchbuggy, Huevos Rancheros ), Some Bad (Evaporators)
and some just there (Cub, The Stinkies) ...but, Track 8, Crash 13,
'Maybelline' is, to be blunt, the Single of the Year so far. It's the best
damn thing I've heard all '96.

        How do I describe it ? Well, our narrator is reminiscing about his
high school years, observing this poor, harried, weeping lass at the dance.
It's at the chorus, though, that things take a turn away from the
predictable: " She spilled some Grape Crush on Her Corduroy Dress/Oh What a
Shame/ Her Cousin Luke was suposed to be her date/ But He never Came...."
All very standard pop song concerns, following in the footsteps of The
Smiths and Psychedelic Furs; 'Oh, it hurts to be me.' This is all over
impeccable Power-Pop timing, tight vocals with harmony, and spinning
drumwheels and candy chainsaw guitars.  (And Kudos to the Production of
Ottawa's Marty Jones) Then, things get turned on their head: "Does anybody
Give a Shit ?/ Did anybody give a flying fuck about her ? And would the
world be any different without her ?" In short, the song tells us: Pain is
real. Life is Bad. These things happen. 

        And in doing so, this song turns sensitive low-fi  emo-core on it's
ass, where it belongs. Eminently hummable, painfully cynical, full of
painfullly observed detail ("....The Station Wagon pulls up...."),and
immensely satisfying, it's a song the likes of which lesser bands have
based careers on. Call your local Campus Radio station. Request this song.
It's freaking Great.

P.S. I meant to send this yesterday, but things happened. 

"Against The Grain"