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CoffeeShops .........


   What's happening ? I was hoping some of you guys and girls could 
help us out. We decided that it would be cool to start sending some 
of our music to coffee shops across Canada. I would totally 
appreciate if you could email us your favorites so we could compile 
as extensive list as humanly possible. I would be best if you could 
also include the name of the street it's on so that we can get the 
phone number from 411. Thanks for the help. Talk to you later.


ps. By the way, the Zumpano 7"s are in .... The Only Reason Under The 
Sun b/w The Long and Winding Road.
pps. The Richard Davies record will be out around the 17th of April 
so you might want to check that out.

Murderecords Box 2372 Halifax Central Halifax N.S. 
B3J 3E4 Canada. e-mail: murder\!/ra.isisnet.com