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Re: Mullets over halifax harbour..

> Next, Mullets.. I think that anyone who has ever listened
> to the beasty boys would know the score, generally 
> people who play hockey have em (read: the great one) 
> An interesting note would be that superstar YaN raYmoNd
> was sporting the most wicked mullet when he first 
> arrived on this english speaking side of PQ.
What!! that was not a mullet mister breandan o'ryan but i haven't
sport the mullet since my first two weeks in junior high (private
school) cause soon i had to collaborate with the authorities. last
yeari was sporting the sensetive pony tail look which is totaly 
different from the mullet. It just hapeen to occur that some women 
actualy like the sensetive man. with the pony tail they know your 
color right from the start. check out Andy Sawler's credential to 
know what i'm talking about.