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Mullets over halifax harbour..

Unnh, I just wanted to address a few of the threads
that are popping up all over so I think I'll do it 
in a Catano-style posting.

Firstly, the mail order question. You are ten times 
better off mail ordering it yourself. Record stores
generally can't get a certain record any faster than
you can, actually it would most likely take a little 
longer through a store. So if waiting is the problem, 
DIY. My guess is that the mail men don't move any faster
when they are headed towards a record store.

Next, Mullets.. I think that anyone who has ever listened
to the beasty boys would know the score, generally 
people who play hockey have em (read: the great one) 
An interesting note would be that superstar YaN raYmoNd
was sporting the most wicked mullet when he first 
arrived on this english speaking side of PQ.

Finally.. ahh nevermind you definately don't want
to hear this, maybe some other time though.

Brendan Christ.