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Yes my dear friends it is true.
has you already know Andrew Scott lives in Toronto and have another 
band doing better and better everyday called Marker's Mark.
Soon they gonna release the new album go on tour. they need to 
rehearse and all, and the way it is right now it's just not gonna 
work out. They needed (yes, au passe mes ami(e)s) a new drummer 
obviously from halifax wich they could count on. they needed the 

last night when i left Catano's house i still couldn't beleive it. 
I'm just coming back from Murder's office and yes it is the fucking 
thruth. man i'm shaking from excitement for this guy. I'm sooo stoke.

Mike Catano is quiting the State Champs. MIKE CATANO IS THE NEW 

I heard they're leaving for toronto this week for a big interview 
on much to drop the bomb. but you know where you heard about it first.

this is so rad.wow.