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Mish Mash of Koddle Doddle

Ok Eric i know you told me not to do this but i really can't find your
I mailed the tape express post on thurs, it should be there mon or tues

I went to the all ages show at teh rivoli on saturday.
First of all it was my first time at the rivoli and it is an amazing
venue! real personal-like. not like lee's where you can't get close to
the band unless you're willing to get moshed.
Radioblaster were really great i think i liked them better than last
time.... Q to derek: y don't u guys play "Why you sweatin me" live?
Poledo was there as well and they left a pretty good impression on me,
it was my first time seeing them. they are like... uh... well its a
three piece but by no means ordinary, lots of discordant part then with
nice melodic parts. forget it :)
And can i say that punchbuggy has the most annoying frontman i have ever
seen. first of all i'm not a big fan of punchbuggy's same tempo for
every song with little variety and that frontman just really sucked... u
know, they guy with the wavy long hair... Maybe its cuz i'm in the
underage kidz group, did anyone at the licenced show think he was funny?

3rd: Picked up Local Rabbits "U can't touch this"... well worth the
wait! its so diverse and with 19 tracks plus a hidden even some of the
more blusey stuff that i can't get into doesn't make this any less
worthy.... either Murderecords is just lucky or they really make sure
that a band is amazing b4 they sign them... another reason i don't think
we'll be sending a demo to them any time soon.

Novacain may become Spaceship Novacain soon. it was definitely
indirectly eric's trip influenced as my friend who is an ET freak made
us a little logo which was an alien guy in a spaceship saying novacain
and i don't know it sounds ok... whatdoya'll think?
We need to do something to novacain cuz there's too many around