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Re: Re: CD prices(errr)

>>p.s. why does Cinnamon Toast merchandise cost so much through mail-order?
>>eg. a CD costs $15 + $2 postage=$17 total(cdn) and this is suppose to be 
>>an indie label? go figure ....
>Yeah! Everybody knows that they have lots of mega-selling acts that can be
>used to offset the expense of their lower selling artists and vanity
>projects. And we all know that economy of scale allows you do something on a
>relatively small scale much cheaper than on a big one.  

the last thing I would like to do is to attack indie labels, but this
argument isn't totally valid.
I don't mind paying good money (i.e. as much as for major-label stuff) for
independent records.
but as justification for selling CDs for $15, "economics of scale" doesn't
cut it.

you can get 1000 CDs manufactured (in Toronto) for $2500. possibly cheaper.
that's $2.50 per disc. add $5000 (which is more than some really
well-produced albums have cost to make) for
recording costs, and you're up to $7.50.
that leaves about a 100% markup.
of course, that has to pay the band and cover the label costs, but it *does*
seem to be a lot.
I may be missing something; but, in comparison, other Canadian indie labels
charge between $12 and $15 a disc INCLUDING postage.

fifteen bucks isn't unreasonable for a good piece of Cinnamon Toast, but
neither is it cheap. 

a l e x

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