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RE: CD prices(errr)

Okay a lot of people have sent me stuff saying I should get CD's through 
mail order or buy them at shows or even go to indie record stores.

I've got a few problems with these:

1)  If I buy stuff through mail order I've got to wait to get it.  By the 
time it does come the excitement of getting a CD has worn off.  Chances 
are one of my friends will have bought it by then I'll have listened to 
it and gotten sick of it, and when it finally does come I'll just throw it
in my CD collection  and never get any use out of it.

2)  I live in Sarnia half the time and Windsor the other half.  Good 
Indie Bands coming to either one is rare.  So buying a CD at a show is 
almost out of the picture.

3)  Sarnia has no indie record stores, Windsor has 2.  Dr. Disc charges 
more than most of the Retail stores(not to mention that its run by a 
bunch of assholes).  The other one just opened and I haven't had the 
chance to go there yet.  Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Sorry about the bitching, but this has been getting to me for a while, 
and I thought this would be the forum for it.


Kevin Porter