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Re: no offence/shitheads/the suddens

On Sun, 31 Mar 1996, Jeremy Harris Clarke wrote:

> anyways, my point would be: are these guys still together(any of them?)?
> and do they have any releases?  i thought no offence and the shitheads did
> a split 7" but i can't remember.  and: the suddens=theE suddens?  i
> remember they sounded like seaweed. 

shitheads (featuring some of my favorite QEH punks) broke up a few years 
back after releasing a cassette and the split with no offense.  they have 
(sort of) mutated into system shit, who have made frequent trips up to 
ontario, and are sort of the old guys in the cafe ole scene (they're all 
in their 20's!!).  no offense are together in spirit, if not in body - i 
haven't seen them on bills for a long time, but i don't think that they 
ever officially called it quits.  ian hart (one of the few great straight 
edges in hali) went on a trip to bc/seattle last summer, and the scene 
came to a grinding halt, as he is in more bands than anyone i know.  he 
even did time in the legendary pc youth brigade.  wikkked.  ian, i should 
add so that last part makes sense, is in no offense.  ian is also in 
the chitz, who rock.  i recorded them a few weeks ago for a release on a 
MO compilation, and it sounds positively down.  watch out...  the chitz 
have a 7" split with the moaning lisas and a 12" split with the readymen, 
plus the infamous chitz cassette, which has almost as many songs as the 
infamous shitheads cassette.

system shit play sort of grind punk stuff (a la monster x, etc) . 
derek macalone scares the bejeezes out of me, and mike brigadier is kind 
of funny (he wears black leather driving gloves all the time).  the chitz 
are trad hardcore, a la minor threat and black flag (you know the score) 
and they are really damn good.

anyone go to the punk fest this weekend?