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that's a good idea, yan.... :)

hey what yan was saying about the indie canadian list, it's still up and 
running, however no one ever posts to it, because we always talk about 
eric's trip on sloan net. i think it's a misnomer and should be renamed 
something that reflects the nature of what the list should be, something 
that allows people to discuss the REST of the canadian indie scene 
outside of the maritimes. the occasional sidenote about something not 
relevant to the east coast scene is tolerable, but lately it seems like 
anytime there's a show in ontario with indie type bands, it gets posted 
on sloan net. maybe we should start using the indie list for that sort of 
thing. i think this is the address you want, and to subscribe, talk to 
mitch or write majordomo\!/bronze.interlog.com i *think*.


hey listmanagerboy, what are your feelings on that whole thing? maybe you 
could talk to mitch and then let us all know where to post what so that 
the lists make more sense and don't annoy as many people.

whatever, it's just a thought.


 Tell me a story, help me forget I'm gone,
 My marmalade."
                   -The Geraldine Fibbers-