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Re: no offence/shitheads/the suddens

On Sun, 31 Mar 1996, Jeremy Harris Clarke wrote:
> and do they have any releases?  i thought no offence and the shitheads did
> a split 7" but i can't remember.  and: the suddens=theE suddens?  i
> remember they sounded like seaweed. 

No Offense and the Shitheads did a split 7'' on En Guard Records. Believe 
it or not, there are *8* songs on this piece of wax, five of them by the 
shitheads and three by no offense. there's a cover of "my boyfriend's 
back" and a live track (both by the shitheads) and everything else is 
original punk rock music. lyrics included. the shitheads thank chixdiggit, 
yay! i'm not sure if these addresses are correct/up to date, but you can 
try writing:

mass turbulence po box 34029 scotia square hfx ns b3j 3s1
rage recordings inc 2157 gottingen st hfx ns b3k 3b5

someone in the know out in halifax can probably tell you if these bands 
even exist anymore, the 7'' is a few years old.

as for thee suddens, they remind me of a sludgier chixdiggit/flounger 
type of sound. seaweed wouldn't be a stretch, either.


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