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Re: Madhat

Madhat's new EP will be available on CD and cassette April 5, 1996.
Hardhitters has 6 songs, and the video for "The Ride" is done and should 
primier on MuchEast April 13, or 20th...

Madhat will be playing the 
Community Centre, Chester, NS, April 4.
Curling Club, Lunenberg, NS, April 6.
Oasis Pub, Halifax, NS, April 13.

The band is currently lining up central canadian dates, but Huey is done 
school till the end of April...  so look for them in Mid may in Montreal, 
Toronto, Ottawa, etc...

If you are interested, its $8.00 mail order + $2 S&H for the CD, and 
$5.00 + $2.00 S&H for the cassette... (is that indie rock enough for ya?)

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