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Re: CD prices(errr)

$20.00 bucks is high...  it actually costs under two dollars per to 
manufacture a CD, so if yer sloan and spend $100,000 on recording, 
selling 25,000 in Canada, thats still only $4 per album...  your only up 
to $6.00 per... an indie distributor (cargo, ozone) wholesale's for 
$12.00, meaning they consign or sell the CD to the store for 12.. the 
majors sometimes do a bit more, like $13.99... then the store marks it up...
which depends entierly how cool the store is.. most small indie stores 
will mark stuff up strictly on a percentage basis, like 25% or 50% 
markup...  meaning Cargo and Ozone is going to be cheaper then Murder 
because murder is sold by MCA.  But a lot of stores sell CDs for one 
price only, meaning that a full length at Radioland (a Maritime chain) 
will go for $21.98... NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE CHARGED THEM... meaning more 
of YOUR money goes to the retailer when you buy indie rock at a shitty 
chain store in a mall.

So go down to Urban SOund Exchange in a week when they get their indie 
section set up... (monton, halifax, St John's..) and pay $16.99 or so...


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