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Re: CD prices(errr)

At 10:27 PM 3/30/96 -0500, Michael Ligon wrote:
>On Sat, 30 Mar 1996, Ryan Cook wrote:
{a buncha stuff about how Indie CDs are, in their opinion, too expensive}
>p.s. why does Cinnamon Toast merchandise cost so much through mail-order?
>eg. a CD costs $15 + $2 postage=$17 total(cdn) and this is suppose to be 
>an indie label? go figure ....

Yeah! Everybody knows that they have lots of mega-selling acts that can be
used to offset the expense of their lower selling artists and vanity
projects. And we all know that economy of scale allows you do something on a
relatively small scale much cheaper than on a big one.  If CT presses up
their CDs, say a couple thousand at a time, it's gonna be *much* cheaper
than WB pressing up at several hundred thousand a pop. Same savings on
printing, mailers, office supplies, phone calls, jewel boxes, etc.  Those
bastards - ripping off the un-ficklest, and least complaining,  music fan
there is - the Indie one! Imagine, wanting to cover their costs and still
have some $ to live on afterwards.  Just a bunch of cigar-chomping, drug
taking, little stubby pony tail wearing, having sex with groupies with
cocaine on their whatsits, ungrateful exploiters of the little man (or
woman)!  Indies suck. - just like oasis.

If you've read this far and missed the sarcasm, I'm not gonna explain it to
ya, because it woudl just waste my time and annoy the pig.  And this in not
just directed at Mike and Ryan, so chill boys.


John F Butland   O-