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eric's trip-fredericton (the final maritime show??)

hey.  before i start this review i would just like to say that saying
treblecharger take no cues from sloan is like saying that the tea
party take no cues from led zeppelin (ie. you can't do it).  but
anyway.......last night et appeared in fredericton at the world famous
jock/hick bar the dock.  it was a type of indie music fest thing, i
guess.  my band was supposed to play but that's another
story.....anyway, et came on about 12:30 and from the start there were
problems with the soundman.  not the sound, the sound was great, but
the soundman was being a jerk to them.  he said something pretty
sarcastic to julie at first and i wasn't impressed.  but
whatever.....i'll give you what i can of the set list, but since i'm
not a big et fan, i don't know all of the songs.  i copied down the
list, but adam and heather (fans from hell, well at least adam is)
scammed them as soon as the show was over.  anyway, "my bed" started
off the night followed by "spaceship opening".  i think spaceship was
even better than the halifax performance two weeks ago.  i love that
tune, and rick barked it out on this night.  well, the screaming
parts.  other
tunes from the new album included "universal dawn", "sixteen hours",
"eyes shut", "alone and annoyed", "soon coming closer", "lighthouse".
i think that's it.  they played some song that adam said was from
their first demo in 1990.  maybe "you're always...." or "sunlight".  i
don't know.  one cool thing about the show is that i got a minidisc
bootleg of the first 38 min.  the bad part is that unfortunately, i
think the song that got cut off is "soon, coming closer".  i got the
rest of the show on cassette.  near the end, rick and julie seemed to
be venting their frustrations of the soundman and the venue out.
well, that was my interpretation.  as julie sang "soon, coming closer"
she just stopped playing bass and really, it seemed that i the line "i
hope you're never there" was sung with a little more meaning, serving
some sort of purpose.  rick put
his guitar down for one of the last tunes and just sang into the mic.
he also knocked down one of the drum mics but put it back after, and
provided a little feedback by putting the mic up to his amp.  the
soundman was really pissed and eventually turned everything off pretty
much.  it's funny, because on my tape, you can hear all this feedback
and then rick saying "i think everything's broke" and then everything
just goes quiet.  overall, the show was just fabulous and i really
hope that it isn't their last.  now that i've actually become and
"eric's trip fan" or whatever, i don't want to see them go to quickly.
i guess maybe the solo projects will have to suffice???  we'll see.