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Re: CD prices(errr)

On Sat, 30 Mar 1996, Ryan Cook wrote:

> >
> >Is anyone else sick of having to pay $20 to $25 buck for CD's?  I just 
> >went to buy Kombinator, and it was selling for $19.99.  This was the sale 
> >price!  The regular price was some where along the lines of $22.50.
> >I understand that stores and record companies have to make a profit, but, 
> >25 buck for a fucking CD is a bit much.
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> >
> re: No shit! When I bought the Inbreds 'Hilario' cd it cost 25.99 plus tax
> at Micmac Mall! And the last time I went to Sams on Barrington(which is
> usually pretty cheap) I bought a Sons of Otis cd (toronto area band) and a
> Deftones cassette. The cassette was $14.99 and the cd was $25.99 All
> together it cost $52.20. Fifty Two bucks for a cd and a tape! That's a bit much.
>                          -Ryan
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>     like to reap your life instead"
>          -Christopher Robin Device
I refuse to buy any indie CD for more than fifteen bucks. I usually try 
to stick with mail-order. My pet peeve with mail-order from the U.S. 
though is that after you add up the exchange rate and postage, CD's which 
seem very cheap if you were a U.S. resident(eg. $10 ppd for a CD) costs 
about $15-$20 for a person ordering from Canada. Thank God for flea 
markets and used CD stores and of course buying CD's/tapes at shows!


p.s. why does Cinnamon Toast merchandise cost so much through mail-order?
eg. a CD costs $15 + $2 postage=$17 total(cdn) and this is suppose to be 
an indie label? go figure ....