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Re: CD prices(errr)

C PORTER <95003825\!/lambton.on.ca> writes:

> Is anyone else sick of having to pay $20 to $25 buck for CD's?  I just 
> went to buy Kombinator, and it was selling for $19.99.  This was the sale 
> price!  The regular price was some where along the lines of $22.50.
> I understand that stores and record companies have to make a profit, but, 
> 25 buck for a fucking CD is a bit much.

Don't you guys have discount-type record stores out there? Here in BC (at
least the Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island) there are stores like Sams and
HMV that charge $19-25 regular for CDs, and there are stores like A&B Sound
that charge $12.99-19.99, with about $14-16 being the norm.

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