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Re: hardship post rule/birdland sucks

On Sat, 30 Mar 1996, James R. Covey wrote:

re: the show last night:
*rome plows*
	-far more introverted than their last two hfx engagements, the 
boys suffered from a myriad of soundman related problems (probabl due to 
the fact that thp showed up an hour late for their soundcheck and denied 
rome plows the oportunity to do one) but overcxame them with style and 
pinache.  the only band that can get away with an 8min. opening number.  
nbotably absent from the set were "thanks to the blues explosion" and 
"i'm breakin' my back" (if that is indeed what they are called), but new 
songs made up for it. less intense than before, but more loose and 
atmospheric (longer jams, more dynamics) - an off show by there accounts, 
but on the relative scale of halifax, a bad show still puts the 
contenders to bed.  speaking of whihc, up next were ...

	-any band that does novelty 1980's cover songs deserves to be 
summarily punished.  apparantly supervillians punishment was showing 
everyone at the birdland how completely awful they were.  they fit nicely 
in to that thee suddens cleveland steamer niche that has been carved out 
of the birdland.  i left.  if you like crap you might've enjoyed it.

*the new hardship post*
	-seb and the sunshine balls band were up last, and it was my 
first post-matt-clarke-gets-the-boot hardship post show.  i was 
pleasantly suprised, although the music was really innapropriate to the 
venue.  this band has changed alot, as everyone has heard, so i won't go 
intop it.  one should, however, note, that they couldn't even half fill 
the birdland on a friday night.  and this band is on subpop, who can't be 
too pleased.  the minimalist feel is nice, and i'm psyched to hear their 
new album, but i hope they find a new audience, because it would appear 
that hey have lost their old one.

> this town really really needs a *smaller* bar
> where people can go to *hear the band* and
> where the music is *over* before we all fall
> asleep.  this situation is driving me crazy.
> i'm kind of hoping that when birdland moves
> - they find a smaller home
> - they revert to a tavern license and have to
>   close at 2am.

rumour has it that the birdland is moving to ye olde paramount space.  
this move will provide the birdland with not one, but two spaces to hold 
shows.  one about the size of the current birdland, and one about the 
size of the old deuce.  this means that when big bands play, they can 
open up the big room and it will be comfortable, but they won't be stuck 
with a massive space on every night, so smaller bands will be able to pay 
to capacity crowds a lot less difficulty.  it should be cool, if it happens.