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Re: cleveland steamer & local rabbits

>as for the local rabbits, i've been listening to their new record for 
>about a month straight (_you can't touch this_ is really the name) and it 
>is so wonderful. they are so much more than a silly single, believe you 

I have yet to get this album since I'm a bit short on cash these days
(getting towed is no fun).. is that trent reznor song on it? :) I have no
idea what it's called but they always play it at their live shows..

>opinion. when they do the blues, they do the blues, they do not do cheesy 

I think I'm the only one out there who doesn't like their blues side.. I
just find it rather boring to listen to and so I usually skip over those
songs.. but then again, that's just my opinion.. 

>i have never seen them live, so these songs were all new to me, by the way.

live, these guys r really a lot of fun.. catch them when u can.. :)

.hl. geeks r kewl dammit!