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hardship post rule/birdland sucks

by the way, in case anyone wonders what your
beleagured listmanagerboy is thinking -- yes,
there was altogether too much crap posted here
in the last 48hrs about oasis and the killjoys.

i'm beginning to think that the ontario club
circuit needs its own mailing list.  perhaps
someone should also propose a new list called
just a suggestion.  :-)


hardship post!  yah!

they were sooooo good at birdland last night.
they've got their new songs totally rocking
out, and their old ones sounding better than
ever (well, ok, "silver suit" wasn't as good
as the _somebody spoke_ stuff).  they did
this really neat segue from "your sunshine"
into the new one where seb, mike, and alyson
all sing; it just worked so well.  "capability"
was great -- mike sang it from the drum kit
this time and didn't do any other songs, and
seb didn't do any drumming.  yet another
curveball from thp.  but what a total drag --
the dancefloor was empty, and i would say a
small minority of people at birdland were 
actually paying attention to the band.  
seb and alyson were commenting about it:
"ok, we'll be finished soon and then you
can dance."  

this town really really needs a *smaller* bar
where people can go to *hear the band* and
where the music is *over* before we all fall
asleep.  this situation is driving me crazy.
i'm kind of hoping that when birdland moves
- they find a smaller home
- they revert to a tavern license and have to
  close at 2am.

it was just a real shame -- just one of those
cases where there was really great music to
be heard and not a decent crowd to appreciate it.

supervillain, from moncton, played beforehand
and had some kids jumpin' around.  kind of
pluto meets the doughboys.  i know, not exactly
a stretch.  they have pop hooks but they're into
scrappiness rather than polish.  good young band.
get this -- they covered a-ha "take on me" and 
the lead singer actually hit the high note 2 out 
of 3 tries.  what can i say, i was impressed.

rome plows opened the evening with what seemed
like a subdued set compared to the last time i
saw them.  it was more polished but they didn't
seem as into it -- i guess there were sound
problems etc.  still impressive and i'm looking
forward to seeing them again.  boy they rock.


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