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new chris murphy song

>>speaking of sloan and ripping off other musicians,
>>you really should hear the new chris murphy song,
>>"every needle has an eye".  

adam writes:

>Is this a track off the new album or is this going to be one of those songs
>that is bootlegged and 7th generation taped all over sloannet?

al writes:

>that new chris murphy song - every needle has an eye
>is actually quite old.  it was on the original demo for
>twice removed.

ok, by "new" i meant "newly released".  you can get this recording
by mail order.  it's on a new cassette compilation called 
"i'm going crazy in this town" which comes with issue #6 of 
the zine _left hip_.  it's a really great cassette - i was 
listening to it over and over and over at work yesterday.
in addition to the chris murphy song, there's

- state champs "stadium foray", recorded by, yes, chris murphy.
- al tuck "sleepyhead (al's lullaby)", an excellent acoustic number.
- the motes "plasticmorontree", one of their best songs to date.
- six cents and natalie, from seattle, doing a fabulous appropriation
  (not quite a cover) of "true colours" by cyndi lauper.
- zaius, from nyc, doing a great cover of the wedding present 
  "i'm not always so stupid".
- piggy "emma goldman", their biggest hit to date.
- tim robbins experience "countdown to the grammys", my absolute t.r.x. fave.
- girl afraid, from ottawa, with their "we are only two" ballad.
- brown shoe towser & the viceroy filter kings, with the funniest song
  about smoking ever, "viceroy filter king song (w/ marijuana reprise)".
- and last but not least, preppy relatives (gordon isnor) "they're illegal now"

and then the zine features interviews with 
- chris murphy
- tully craft
- mean-spirited robots
and one-page comics by
- amy baker
- marc bell
- jon dacey
plus the usual weirdness.

gordon handles mail orders at his parents' place, but he may only
be in halifax for another month, so my advice is, order now.

the zine by itself is $2, with the cassette it's $5, postage paid.

left hip c/o gordon isnor
2120 newton avenue
halifax NS
canada b3l 3b9

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