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laura b. in _tally_ #4

hey i've been reading issue #4 of heather harkin's always wonderful zine 
called _tally_ and in addition to cool interviews with nerdy girl's cecil 
and mike from snailhouse/wooden stars, there's a good long conversation 
with laura borealis of crappo 2. since several people have asked about 
laura's books and all that cause of what they read in the smeared liner 
notes, i thought i would post a section of this interview. and i would 
encourage you to order this cool zine, write to heather 
(hharkins\!/is.dal.ca) for information.

anyway, here we go:

heather: Some people who asked me to interview you thought that you were 
strictly an author, from what they'd seen in Sloan liner notes.

laura: I try to do as much as possible. In high school, I was a dancer 
and a choreographer. My main thing is trying to do everything. If it 
seems like I haven't done art in a while, it's because I've been doing 
film, or something else. It is kind of ironic that Chris (Murphy from 
sloan) put that stuff in his liner notes, because he never read any of 
those things. Median strip was a line that they used for one of their 
songs, and I think he just liked the way it sounded. There were little 
subtle things, when I was seeing Chris, like, they'd wear my clothes in 
their television interview, or he would take pictures I took and used 
them. I had to beat him over the head, "You've got to credit me, or pay 
me or something," and then he really resented that and he wrote a song 
about it: "Shame, shame." When we were dating, all ears were open to him. 
All kinds of media. I was really interested in what he was going through, 
because I could see for myself that I was going to want to take that 
route someday."

anyway, trust me, it's a cool zine and it's got tonnes of great 
addresses, lots of information, and makes ya think, too. 


 Tell me a story, help me forget I'm gone,
 My marmalade."
                   -The Geraldine Fibbers-