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cleveland steamer & local rabbits


i heard the cleveland steamer 7'' while i was in halifax on spring break 
and i was totally surprised. i had their cassette (sucks) and saw them 
live (they sucked) so i was expecting total crap from this single, but 
you know, it was so much better than what i had heard before. if you like 
bands like Mudhoney (circa 1988-92 especially), you'll probably dig this 
7''. if you don't know what mudhoney sounds like, you're missing out, baby 
- i still find their self titled album to be one of the best american 
indie rock (before subpop was anywhere near big labels) records. cleveland 
steamer do that fuzzy guitar thing in a very sexy way on this record. are 
all the singles available with a denim cover?

as for the local rabbits, i've been listening to their new record for 
about a month straight (_you can't touch this_ is really the name) and it 
is so wonderful. they are so much more than a silly single, believe you 
me. there's a song that everyone on sloan net should appreciate called 
"pops & company" that sorta sounds like dexy's midnight runners hit 
single "come on eileen" - it's sung by Ben (the high pitched guy) and 
it's about a fan who stalks bands. with as many sloan/east coast/etc. 
fanzine writers on this list as there are, not to mention people who post 
about jay ferguson's outfits, it should be a hit with all the kids!

when they local rabbits ROCK they "rock n' roll". they do not RAWK, in my 
opinion. when they do the blues, they do the blues, they do not do cheesy 
blues-rock. i was not sure what i was expecting from them, but i was a 
bit worried it would be all jokey joke and ha ha ha funny, but really, 
they are very good song writers and quite talented at musicians, but they 
still put a smile on my face every few songs. there is their very own 
version of "west island rockers" and a new, slower (not as good, but 
still cool) version of "(she said) you're such a stupid idiot."  "(sally 
ann's) style denial" will be a mega-hit, at least it should be. six 
minutes of purely delicious addictive sad pop music. the intro will blow 
your freakin' mind. and there are a plethora of covers to entertain you, 
as well. other treats include "61 days" (oooh i LOVE that song!!) and 
"tuesday night treasure."

oh no, i'm gushin'....well, i'll just wrap it up by saying that
murderecords have once again put about a wonderful, classy full length 
album. i feel the same about this record as i did when _mock up scale 
down_ came out, it gives you a chance to see how talented these young men 
really are, whereas their previous efforts just hinted at it. huzzah! 
now go and order it!

i have never seen them live, so these songs were all new to me, by the way.

bye for now,

ps/ aw nevermind. no thoughts on oasis. none whatsoever.
ps+/ what mike said.
 Tell me a story, help me forget I'm gone,
 My marmalade."
                   -The Geraldine Fibbers-