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Matt Murphy...alter ego

I dont know if anyone out there has seen the video for My Sharona by the
Knack.. i guess it had a little more popularity when Reality Bites (or
whatever it's called) came out... anyways..

AS IF Matt Murphy doesn't look EXactly like the guitarist for the Knack.
The guy even moves like MAtt Murphy with the mouth slightly
gaping/dumbfounded. Love those stupid-sexy poses. I was laughing so hard
when I saw it. :)

Also... any word if the Broken Girl will ever be distributed in Ottawa? We
have been bugging the people at the record stores for a while now, and
since there's only two good stores really, they have been bugged a lot :)  )

also..completely unrelated...
has anyone seen HUM live before... 
has anyone ever seen Tortoise live before...