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cleveland steamer 7" & etc...

while i was in halifax a few weeks back, i picked up some 7" vinyl and
etc...  the coolest thing i bought was a 7" by cleveland steamer.  it's a 2
song 7" and both songs rule.  if you live on the east coast you should be
able to get it \!/ the usual spots.  you can contact them \!/ mad dog records,
2200 windsor st. #2, halifax, n.s., b3k 5b8, (902) 425-6239.

also, anybody in the toronto area that's been waiting for the new broken
girl cd and the sappy 7"s to show up in stores won't have to wait much
longer.  squirtgun is going to distribute all that stuff in the metropolitan
toronto area as soon as julie sends it to me which should be a.s.a.p.

lastly, the first ten sloanet people who come up to me \!/ the merch table \!/
the rivoli show on saturday with this post printed out will get a free
speedbuggy cd.

actually this is the last thing.  is the new local rabbits cd in stores yet?