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alright, i'm really only going to say this once, so listen up.  if any of 
you out there are SERIOUSLY considering the fact that sloan have garnered 
enought attention outside of this little country to be ripped off by 
bands that are about 1000000000times as famous as them, then you are 
stupid. stupidstupidstupidstupid.

oh, yeah liam and noel are copping chris' look.  just like sloan invented 
pumas (hey, anyone ever hear of the beastie boys?), and classic rock, and 
the beatles, and everything important in my sorry little life.  whatever ...

here's a fun exercise.  grab a parent-type figure who has a clue about 
their youth and get them to listen to 2x removed.  mine broke out into 
squeals of laughter.


ps - like buddy rich said "being a good musician is about not getting 
caught stealing."  i believe by that definition neither sloan nor oasis