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Re: oasis

On Thu, 28 Mar 1996 Adamweezer\!/aol.com wrote:

> Ok, everybody's complaining about oasis trying to be like sloan. 
I think That
> it's a little more obvious that they are such beatles wanna be's it's
> pathetic.  

Sloan were on the beatles "rip-off" tip way before Oasis! :)  

I would argue that what makes twice removed so clever is their often 
shameless allusions to not only the beatles but other ageing noteworthies 
including, but clearly not limited to:  stevie nicks and her "fleetwood" 
outfit, the beach boys and the jam.  

Where they, and perhaps Oasis, succeed is in their ability to borrow 
these bits and pieces to put together a record which does not bleed of 
retrogression.  This is a always a fine line to walk, with many falling 
into the vat of cheese waiting below (see "tea party").   

Right now, I'm really excited to hear the new album.  I keep hearing about 
the fact that the sloans hired "horns"...and if anything gets me thinking 
studio era beatles...its the hired horns section.  Mind you, glass tiger had 
some sly horns on their can-con klassic "don't forget me when I'm gone" ;)

Mike N.

Thinking maybe if I just shut my eyes 
the essays might write themselves...