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Fwd: not everything you ever wanted to know about chapel hill

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Subj:    not everything you ever wanted to know about chapel hill
Date:    96-03-28 18:57:11 EST
From:    Bucketridr
To:      jrcovey+sloan\!/

hello-as i got a lot of responses i'll try to kill as many chapel hill birds
with one stone as i can-you're probably already familiar with some of the
larger names to come from this area-most notably archers of loaf/superchunk &
the liek-someone asked of some other good bands down here-& a couple that i
think often get overlooked for the bands that are *in* the scene include the
likes of -the veldt-verve pipe-geezer lake-capsize7(definitely check these
guys out-my favorite in the area)-squirrel nut zippers(must hear #2-these
guys have supposedly been asked to play at the olympics-so that'll be an easy
way to access)-ben folds five(must hear #3)-queen sarah saturday--well i
could go on forever-& if anybody wants me to i will in a personal email-& yes
one of the great things about this area is that we have some great shows
every week at least a couple of the bigger names play every
month-however-this area has it's major ups & downs-unfortunatly this area's
great *music scene* is not so much a wonderfull alternative to the mainstream
music industry as much a miniature replica of it-oh well-adios & i'll be glad
to help anybody catch up with the goings on in chapel hill-