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Re: CIMN contact info and backgrounder

Ra! Ra! !!

I've been talking with Melissa today & she has agreed with my suggestion 
to request that all letters sent to the UPEI Student's Union contain content
along the following lines:

	Dear (President of SU):

	I strongly urge you to carry out, in good faith, the promise 
 made by the UPEI Student Union to the CIMN Radio Society and  immediately 
transfer ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars to CIMN Student Radio inc 
toward their purchasing of broadcast equipment.		

	Then include your personally charged thoughts on why C/C radio
would be of SUCH AN IMPACT on BOTH the Campus & Community of 
PEI & carefully (but soundly!) scold the SU for making such a poor

The idea here is that we want to ask the SU to carry out one specific
act...the transfer of $10,000.00 to CIMN. As many have stated, to
simply write & say " YOU BAD, THEY GOOD " won't  nesc put CIMN any
closer to reaching their goals & may be dismissed as mere harassment.

but let's wait until Melissa see's this & gives it one last Official
OK.....(By tomorrow) & then we'll get this thing in gear!!!!!

& KICK THEIR ASSES !!!!!  ! 

		                                 Ted Turner, NCRA