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for anyone and everyone interested in photography, you *must* get the 
photo-zine put out by my dear, dear, friend barb yamazaki.  it's very 
simple, yet mindnumbingly beautiful.  it's a small but really nice 
collection of photos (scanned) by daria gamliel, gabrielle giattino, 
heather maceachern, and barb (the last 2 i know are on sloan net).

i can't stress how well done this is.  if you are at all interested in 
photography, get a copy by sending $2 to:
	Barb Yamazaki
	10114 172nd St
	Surrey, BC
	V4N 4H9

or e-mail her at  barbaray\!/unixg.ubc.ca  for more info.

she's also accepting submissions, so send those photos away. :)  but no 
one is receiveing any renumeration from this project nor is barb making
any profit.  it's all for the interest in photography.  

and that's what it's supposed to be about.

east coast content: umm.. there's a photo of julie from eric's trip.. 
(a really nice one, too)

				..sizzle teen