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out of the loop..

hello i'm new on sloan net. i'm NOT tom evans as my adress says. i'm sarah,
from ottawa.

anyways, in response to that. i found it out from "the stink" the sonic unyon
newsletter thing. 
i'm a bit out of the loop too. i sort of knew they were recording and here
people know about the record and everything. wow.

i do know sloan are not broken up..thank god. i heard they broke up to get out
of their record contract with DGC, and then reformed so they could record on
their own. i don't know if that's true. i sent a letter the other day to
murderecords to ask if sloan were really recording ( as someone had told me).
i figured they'd know for sure. my reply came yesterday and said " hello.
sloan recording is complete. the planets are in alignment. no name change is
in the stars so it will not be. due out before the summer solstice. yours, the
murder astronomical forcasters.."   so i guess that's the truth.

 but i was wondering. if they did break up to get out of record contracts, and
now are recording again as sloan on murderecords, couldn't they get in
trouble? i can't see DGC liking that much... is that stuff all a lie and
they're fine, or what? i don't know. could DGC sue them?

okay.. from sarah