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Re: Sizzle Teen?/SensiTeen?/six, fifteen?

> Maybe someone can help me out.  I've heard the expression "sizzle teen" in
> many various songs, including a Sloan and The Hardship Post songs, but I
> don't know what it means!  Can anyone help??
nobody east-coast-ish seems to know what it means.  when asked what it means:

Mike Pick (the hardship post, wrote "my secret life"): i don't know what it 
means, i got it from my friend jay ferguson

Jay Ferguson (sloan, wrote "snowsuit sound"): i took it from a 
superconductor off-shoot band in vancouver

Chris Murphy (sloan, just standing around): it's the name of a right-wing 
fascist german party

believe who you want.  the truth is out there.

				...sizzle teen

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