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Hello sloan-net.. I don't know if this person is 
on the list, but if people send more of this garbage
to the list, I'll be forced to poke out your eyes 
with sharp sticks. I mean, really really sharp sticks, 
with potent venom tips, you'll die! Chain mail must 
cease. New Thrush Hermit, hmm.. you know, for a bunch 
of pansys they are pretty good. Hey James, where is 
this interview being published? Do I hear a new zine?
Anyone know anything about a new Stinkin Rich?..
I know the he went to the island and recorded, but
what is going to happen to that stuff?.. I for one 
would like to hear it.. .."Sucker MCs must be eliminated,
the wack MCs, they gotta go.." ahh what panache.
Up with Stinkin',