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_left hip_/"stood up"/skunk

g'morning from the nation's capital..

1. a while ago, someone (i think jon dacey?) mentioned the upcoming issue 
of _left hip_ with an interview with what's-his-face.. um, i think he was 
the bass player for sloan or something (i can't seem to remember his 
name... it slipped my mind... ;) ).  is this issue available yet?

2. how do you describe the guitar part in "stood up"?  it doesn't wail, 
it kinda repeats/echoes/vibrates... is there a term for this sound?

3. ya, it's chucky a's (of the super friendz) birthday today :) woo-hoo!  
for those of you who didn't sing for drew on friday, sing today!  

			"selling the sizzle"
			...sizzle teen

p.s.  the aforementioned smugglers' album is extremely fun :)

sizzle teen :)  cc501\!/torfree.net / nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca
"A smile can still be photogenic if you can't see the molars are rotten"