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dead horse or mad cow disease?

Hey Sloannetters.....
Sorry about the topic, only a few people will get it....

I guess about a thousand people (ok, two) have already told the sad 
tale of CIMN's demise.

Well, first I want to say thanks to Waye for coming over here and 
helping out.  I've still got the bruises to prove he came over....too 
bad the UPEI SU doesn't even trust someone that knows what he is 
talking about....I just love the councillors with all the ad 
experience of reading a magazine and seeing one....

Here are the quotes of the weekend:

The SU prez said that CIMN's proposal to go FM "just didn't do it for 
me"...now, if that isn't fair, what is?

the SU VP External said that "it wasn't about the constituents" of 
whom 500 had signed a petition supporting our transition...


it's all pretty stupid....but it's not over yet....i'll let Mr. Mason 
have fun with his laptop and spill all the details, but basically we 
are looking for a lot of support and write all the letters you 
want....i think Karen posted the address....

I'm really impressed with how much dedication all of the volunteers 
have towards the station...we're just going to be a "club" now so we 
don't have funding, but they all want to stick it out....but hey all 
you band people, guess what, CIMN can still book shows -- that's 
right -- we still get the Barn for FREE, so we'll be looking into 
some summer shows for fundraising....

anyway, I'll let someone else blabber on about this, and i'll just 
respond to what they put...

Thanks for support from those of you who showed it,