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Re: Tea Party?

> Date:          Mon, 25 Mar 1996 14:02:20 -0300 From:          DAVID
> POUND <AMSV0049\!/LINDEN.MSVU.CA> Subject:       Tea Party? To:       
>     JRCOVEY+SLOAN\!/ac.dal.ca

> I can't wait to finally see the Rome Plows(sp?) this friday, with
> Hardship Post, but the article on them in the Gazette said they
> sound like the Tea Party. Is this an acurate comparison? I know

the first thing that comes to my mind is: "would you put an 
iliterate on the novel column in a paper?" then why do they put a 
fucking dink on the music?
This isn't even a matter a taste. this is a matter of high ignorance 
from someone which people look up to for his/her advice when the fact 
is he/she doesn't know shit after what spin magazine tells her/him.
probably listen to city limits and thinks that that goth thing is 
still going strong somewhere, i don't know. when in fact this the 
most laughed at and ridicule style of music ever made since the 
neo-romantics. Mighty Lemon Drops cool. Cure awesome. Chameleons Uk 
still pass but Mission?? Sister of Mercy??? Sit on my jock Siouxie, i 
want none of that shit.

> alot of people on the list like the Rome Plows, but I didn't think
> they were big Tea Party fans.

personaly, i think Tea Party is a smug of shame floating over 

here comes the Rome Plows= Drive Like Jehu, Shellac, maybe even 
Archers of Loaf actualy. Begin has to shine and give me back my 
blue Montreal sky. [ed.:for those who didn't know, Mike Begin is 
originaly from Montreal. yes he is fully bilanguioyle. canadian seal 
of approuvaoule.]

btw, Rob Benvie if you are reading this, Kiss my ass mutha fukup. 
i'm going to get you. beware the destructurer. 
and btw, hey everybody mr. Benvie is gay. he likes to suck dicks. saw 
him doing the guitar player of Pure saturday.haaa those curly locks.