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Re: Tea Party?

On Mon, 25 Mar 1996, DAVID POUND wrote:

> I can't wait to finally see the Rome Plows(sp?) this friday, with Hardship
> Post, but the article on them in the Gazette said they sound like the Tea
> Party. Is this an acurate comparison? I know alot of people on the list like

no.  well, maybe a little ... only in as much as they are really good 
musicians and have that sort of led zeppelin-esque "jam-out" tendency.  
but there are no puffy shirts, songs about mysticism or anything like 
that.  the rome plows are great ... they mix drive like jehu/jesus lizard 
intensity and virtuosity with big ups to zeppelin, sabbath and jsbx and 
all their trash rock brethern.  they even have a song called "thanks to 
the blues explosion." 

> the Rome Plows, but I didn't think they were big Tea Party fans. 
> The article on Christopher Robin Device sounded interesting, anyone have any

whiny boys from yarmouth with acoustic guitars.  heather harkins seems to 
adore them.  i guess they are quite somber, but i've only heard a couple 
songs, and i wasn't very impressed.  they had to change their name from 
"christopher robin" because of the amazing seattle band of the same name 
(who recently changed their name to function of hornets, so i guess CRD 
could go back if they wanted...).  the original (read: seattle) band is 
nothing like the yarmouth variety, so do not be alarmed if you happed to 
stumble upon a christopher robin record which contains powerful emo-core 
stylings, rather than flaccid whininess (sp?). ;)

> info on this band?