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I will make a short post today, and follow up with the full story 
tomorrow in a longer post.  I hope the post will be reproduced in the 
NCRA newsletter and that any national magazines or newpapers which are 
following this story will actually contact Melissa or myself and cover it 
in the next issue or so... but for now, as I am real tired, I will just 
say two short things...

First, I am so incredible proud of the volunteers at CIMN.  15 minutes 
after the Student Union cut the money off, the volunteers were back 
meeting at the Barn talking about possibilities.  They were dignified, 
reasonable, and fuck brilliant in the meeting, and if there was any 
justice or the student union was better run, then they would be FM RIGHT 
NOW, not getting the funding cut.  I'm honoured to be able to help out 
these totally wonderful folks.

Second, the SU at UPEI is so poorly managed that they haven't registered 
an updated copy of their constitution with the attorny generals office 
since 1985 (tho they hav "changed it" 5 times since then).  They have no
archives to speak of, and what they do have on record they ignore when 
not compatible with shutting down the station...  they offered no 
alternatives to cutting all funding, ignoring 25 years of history of 
radio at the university and the Student Unions commitment, in writing, 
made last year by unanimous vote of their own council, to fund going FM.  
I couldn't believe it...  I met briefly with the president of UPEI and I 
think she wouldbe prepared to support direct funding by te University to 
the station, referendum approved....  I will be providing more 
information about this and asking for your support...

Mostly tho, I am very disturbed that the small minded neo-cons at the 
UPEI student Union may, through their actions, act to convince the CRTC, 
through either direct communication, or simply through the stupidity of 
their actions, that a license such as CIMNs is not practical.  Remember, 
CIMN has a license allowing them to go FM without a station manager on 
full time, as an experiment... and if the UPEI SU does this they may 
consider the experiment failed...

Full report tomorrow... 


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