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Tea Party?

I can't wait to finally see the Rome Plows(sp?) this friday, with Hardship
Post, but the article on them in the Gazette said they sound like the Tea
Party. Is this an acurate comparison? I know alot of people on the list like
the Rome Plows, but I didn't think they were big Tea Party fans. 
The article on Christopher Robin Device sounded interesting, anyone have any
info on this band?

p.s. I was reading the record review section of the coast the other day and
was surprised to see a review for the Archers of Loaf album. I was really
surprised that that Bob E. guy was actually going to start reviewing some good
albums, when I noticed it was our own list manager James Covey. Hey James, that
Q-104 guy who does the column in the Coast is leaving, maybe you could take
over and give us some real news. 

-dave pound