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melt records

hey, less than 12 hours later and i've got more than a half dozen 
requests for this address. write to melt records c/o andrew at:

andrew lynch <lynch\!/nbnet.nb.ca>

he's based out of bathurst, new brunswick. send him your snail mail 
address and ask for the catalogue. say hi from me. :)


ps/ for anyone who is interested, _the coast_ magazine (a halifax reader) 
is online now. huzzah! check it out, it's usually very entertaining. i'm 
not sure what their URL is, but if you telnet to the chebucto community 
net homepage  (telnet ccn.cs.dal.ca) you can get there by clicking onto 
the news related item, then local newspapers. i think mike graham has a 
lot to do with it, so maybe he can mention the URL. listmanagerboy's 
review of the new archers of loaf record should be up there soon, i think.

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