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coast web site

Hi folks,

I completely forgot to mention that yes, the Coast is now online
(including the listings.)

The new issue should be up tomorrow. I'm working on it now. 

So for you out of towners who want to know what's going on in Halifax
check out 


The art/entertainment listings are by far the most comprehensive of 
any other rag in town.

tell me what you think.

html slave,
mike graham

ps - what's with this snowjob 96 crap? I wait a month to see a 
     rheostatics spotlight and instead I see VJs trying to snowbaord!!!
     not only that, but I get out my telescope to look at the comet and 
     it's totally overcast! and now I have to go back to converting an
     entire issue of the coast to HTML.  ughhhhhhh!!!!


finally, the DSU(cks) are charging $18 for a McInnis Room gig!!!! 
I've only heard one song by Our Lady Peace (I think that Frank Black
cornered the market on Roswell cover-up songs, btw) which I thought was
decent, but opening is Spookey Rueben! I really want to see this guy, but