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On Fri, 22 Mar 1996, Andrew Rodenhiser wrote:

> Also heard on Much today that the #1 Billboard single is Celine Dion 
> and the #1 album Alanis Morrissette.  Aren't you proud to be 
> Canadian?


> And they had a little blurb on the Monoxides record deal, with the 
> boys all saying how they never expected to ever get a record out.  A 
> snip of the video and some live footage from Montreal. 

i was at that show! they have some really great new songs, "skycruiser" 
probably being the best of the bunch :)
too bad there was nobody there until part-way during the set, but i guess 
hydro-quebec was doing work in the area and was shutting the power down 
early that night, so they went on at 8 *sharp* ! it was a cool show :)

> They've changed their image a bit, they now have *white on black* #6 
> shirts :)

yeah....the sweat doesn't show now ;) ....and they're actually *yellow" 
#6's on black shirts ;)

pogo boy shant ;)