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ET encore solved!

    Okay, some of you we'll say he's living in the past about this 
Eric's Trip show thing but I just found out where that "I Want You 
Right Now" song they did comes from.  It's another MC5 cover!
    Theories have been bouncing around my head about the whole East 
Coast love of these somewhat forgotten 60's prophets.
    1.  Rick White is the illegitemate love child of Wayne Kramer and 
Joni Mitchell.  Note how his hair is long, dark (he gets that from 
his dad) and straight (he gets that from his mom).
    2.  Sloan are the illegitemate love nephews of Wayne Kramer.  I 
don't know if that makes any sense but it sure is fun!
    3.  The Monoxides are idiots.  I've thought that since about 
the fourth time I saw them and I like saying it.
    So the Maritimes have become the center for the return of peace, 
love and grooviness, man!  I'll I have to say is, trippy.

    Kick out the jams, motherfuckerily yours,
    Paul Landry
ps.  I hope no one else has posted this, I ended up deleting a bunch 
of messages.